Fractures is an expansive song cycle that draws its inspiration from the environmentally detrimental practice of hydraulic fracking. Each song possesses its own unique narrative, yet collectively, the cycle weaves a compelling story, presenting different perspectives by twelve Canadian and American poets.


A Village of Landscapes

A Village of Landscapes is a 13-piece suite for bassoon inspired by photos of stirring natural landscapes in Canada. Each photo was taken by award-winning nature photographer, Michelle Valberg. The 13 pieces in the suite represent each of the 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada.


From Oblivion to Hope

This album starts pessimistically with a track called Oblivion, which is an easy headspace to live in these days, especially in the context of the pandemic and its outcomes. As the album progresses, the tone evolves into something more optimistic, ending with a heartfelt work simply called Hope.



It is time to make time and take the time. Innertation gives you that opportunity. It takes you on a 60-minute inward exploration where time becomes irrelevant, seconds turn into hours and an hour turns into not long enough. Let this piece wash over your inner thoughts to see what remains in the end.


Happiness in a Troubled World

An album at a time when the world needs time to heal and start a new year afresh. This mesmerizing album of ambient electronic music is inspired by the final 6 chapters of the book, The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World, by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, MD.


A Little Dark Music 2

Composer and pianist Frank Horvat returns a decade later with a follow-up album to his original instrumental ode to the planet. A Little Dark Music 2 is introspective and powerful, a very personal reaction to the current state of our environment ten years on. Angry yet full of hope and beauty, this album also features a sequel to Horvat’s frequently performed 60-minute composition Earth Hour, a solo piano piece always experienced in the dark.


Love in 6 Stages

From Gaze to Lust to Bliss and on in a downward spiral, Love in 6 Stages takes you through the journey of an ill-fated relationship using the simplicity of voice and piano.


You Haven’t Been

A follow-up response to Horvat’s first solo piano album a decade earlier (I’ll Be Good), You Haven’t Been takes on a beautiful and captivating tone. Introspective, full of hope and despair, the music looks at this storytelling pianist’s own struggles with mental health. By getting these feelings out into the world, they are given a life all their own. You leave the experience changed.


The Current Agenda

Social justice music of today, in a powerful, brutal and heartfelt electro-chamber package. Audiences are left in tears, full of hope, and enthralled by the experience. Brand new music for our times. A heart-grabbing and sometimes heart-pounding collection of six compositions on social injustices that affect our modern landscape and all people living on this planet.


Me to We

An utterly emotional exploration of the potency of love. The music will wrench your heart apart and then piece it back together again. Contemporary yet romantic. Sweeping strings, minimalist piano and the most heartfelt of flutes. This album masterfully takes you on the journey from me to we. Poignant and spellbinding.