…it’s an important piece of musical art that needs to be heard – Mainly Piano

Composer and pianist Frank Horvat returns a decade later with a follow-up album to his original instrumental ode to the planet. A Little Dark Music 2 is introspective and powerful, a very personal reaction to the current state of our environment ten years on. Angry yet full of hope and beauty, this album also features a sequel to Horvat’s frequently performed 60-minute composition Earth Hour, a solo piano piece always experienced in the dark. Earth Hour 2 is similar in concept to the original but creates a very different in-the-dark experience. More meditative and self-examining it gives listeners time and space to become grounded within themselves.

The album also includes two shorter works. Heat Island’s rumbly and murky start emulates the oozing heat-from-pavement effect we experience in our concrete jungles. As the piece progresses, a calm emanates from the piano signifying our ability to return the planet to a more natural state, allowing us and the Earth to breath once again. The album concludes with Life for Mars (named after a person, not the planet or Bowie song), a soothing statement on the positive impact of connecting to ourselves and our surroundings.

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